Monday, 18 August 2014

'Kepler’s Conjecture'


Today I took some time

from staring at the stars

and ambled to the market.

Nothing too fancy, mind,

just one of those stack-em-high,

sell-em-cheap brigades

that are all the rage

in Germany. Perhaps attracted

by the colour, I got to thinking

about oranges, how lonely

they look arranged in single-file

and not the most efficient.

So I took out my parchment,

scribbled some calculations

to find the Egyptians were right

all along, and that pyramids rock.

Now I sit and wait for the world

to catch up, four hundred years

and one big computer, to prove

what any self-respecting orange-stacker

could have told you if you asked.
© Maurice Devitt

Maurice is reading for an MA in Poetry Studies at Mater Dei, and has recently been short-listed for the Listowel Writers’ Week Poetry Collection Competition. He is working towards a first collection.