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Monday, 18 August 2014

'Kepler’s Conjecture'


Today I took some time

from staring at the stars

and ambled to the market.

Nothing too fancy, mind,

just one of those stack-em-high,

sell-em-cheap brigades

that are all the rage

in Germany. Perhaps attracted

by the colour, I got to thinking

about oranges, how lonely

they look arranged in single-file

and not the most efficient.

So I took out my parchment,

scribbled some calculations

to find the Egyptians were right

all along, and that pyramids rock.

Now I sit and wait for the world

to catch up, four hundred years

and one big computer, to prove

what any self-respecting orange-stacker

could have told you if you asked.
© Maurice Devitt

Maurice is reading for an MA in Poetry Studies at Mater Dei, and has recently been short-listed for the Listowel Writers’ Week Poetry Collection Competition. He is working towards a first collection.  

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I like it. As a callow youth I read Arthur Koestler's "The Sleepwalkers" and knew of all the missed opportunities to realign astronomical discoveries with what was known and lost before. Today it is not the church at fault. Thanks it's given me an idea.