Thursday, 3 July 2014

'Can you tell what it is yet?'

The radio played Elgar while we talked Public Image
our musical godheads becoming Sex Pistoled reality
gone are the days when groupies trolled the stage door
and gossamer legs were stuffed with cucumber,
now the old kangaroo's tied down in court - not that he rocked
exactly, more rolled in teen hay with famous immunity
and painted the Queen (I bet she's put that God awful portrait
on ebay by now - wouldn't want that hanging over the changing
of the guard now would we?) What a delicate issue!
Even the "art" gallery in the mall has quietly removed his prints
- helped pay the legal fees I expect. Got me thinking though,
with looming prison and a referendum on the way,
are we about to leave Europe the way we left the World Cup?
And what if they do a background check before inviting us back in?

©Mac Dunlop

Mac edits The Poetry Point and is also the cartoonist MacD, who recently won a Pluto Press award. His radio monologues and cartoons and writing are available online through the satirical website Politoons at: