Friday, 18 July 2014

Waiting for poetic justice

A dove
that once perched on a giant Buddha statue
could have
flown over the Mediterranean sea
spread its wings
over the Gaza strip


history was desecrated
when bombs rain over graveyards,

justice was maimed when
shells pounced on a facility for the handicapped

altering the maps printed in
edited history textbooks.

The dead should never speak again
stirring the hornet’s nest
And further delaying
the long wait for poetic justice.

© Chandramohan.S

Chandramohan.S(b.1986) is an English poet based in India. His poems reflect the socio-political struggles of the marginalized , the working class and the nomadic  outcasts  of the World who are victimized and then forgotten as nations clash and wage relentless war. His work has been profiled in New Asia Writing ,Mascara Literary Review and About place journal.Counter-Punch poetry,Thump Print magazine,The Sentinel,American Diversity Report