Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sunday Review

Some week, eh? Not much good news internationally or in New Zealand. I guess we have to take comfort where we can in such times. Poetry can provide some of that comfort. The poems we had this week were not all optimistic and cheerful but provide evidence of the power and need for good poems to help us through dark times. 
James Bessant's "Sacrifice" started  the week with a poem comparing the mentality behind historical figures and their sacrifices to our own mentality and finding that it's very similar.
And yet still we cannot resist

The immortality bestowed

Sacrificing our human credibility
Barbara Boyd-Anderson's poem "Beached" told the story of a whale stranding and it's successful resolution. I like the way that the tension builds as the fight goes on
Two tow ropes have snapped,

and despair's setting in.

But there's too much at stake

to give up this fight,
Joshua Baumgarten 's "Beaten to Death with an Olive Branch"  looks at the situation in Gaza but very skilfully puts it in context of the world and its wars. It is a seriously good poem.
In a world where you can get
More blood from one stone
Then one would expect

 Thursday showed the value of Poetry24 when Sue Norton and Abi Wyatt shared poems about the deaths of beloved pets. It's a small step but once we can appreciate the shared experiences that we have, we might get some more peace. Sue compared the situation with her dog and humans who have a terminal disease and Abi wrote about the heart-wrenching process. Both are very good poems.
"Waiting for Poetic Justice" by Chandramohan.S is a poem about Gaza and the damage that is being done to  people and the values that they hold. I like the way the poem deals with some of the history involved.
The dead should never speak again

stirring the hornet’s nest
I hope the coming week is better for us all. Keep safe.