Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sunday Review

This week, we kicked off with a poem from T.R.Collins. 'A Fool's Remorse' is a playful piece but it has a point to make in response to a story about women's health rights being under attack.  This was followed on Tuesday by another health-based contribution, once again giving voice to concerns about the adequacy of treatment and care. 'Diagnosis', from Poetry24 regular, Sue Norton, is an aptly conceived and skillfully executed villanelle, a traditional French form which, as Maurice Devitt points out, is superbly appropriate to its subject matter of the problems presented by dementia.

On Wednesday, it was me again.  I am afraid my passions got the better of me. At the time when I wrote  'Even if' I was angry not just about the fact of childhood sex abuse itself but also because I had been reading lots of Facebook comments that seemed to have dismissed or not to have understood the terrible, terrible damage that the perpetrators of theses offence inflict on their young victims.  It is true that 'Even if' is a very angry piece but I make no apology for that.  Indeed, while I know that the anger of the victims of abuse can make some people feel uncomfortable, I feel very strongly that a society which does not allow us our anger and, perhaps, even embrace it, inflicts on us a second kind of abuse.  For this reason, it is imperative, it seems to me, that we all do what we can to ensure that there is no 'cover up' aimed at the protection of abusers in high places.  At the end of this review, there is a link to a petition which, if  you have not done so already, I would entreat you to sign.

On Thursday, we published Martha Landman's poem, 'In the Race for Fraud',  about the difficult and tragic situation in Afghanistan where elections threaten further upheaval and, on Friday, Sue Nortons's 'What is an Elephant?' which looks into the future to see a time when these magnificent creatures will be mysterious as dinosaurs. All in all, it's been a creative but a not a happy week. Have a good one. I will be with you again in a fortnight.

Abigail Wyatt

Petition Houses of Parliament to stop child abuse