Thursday, 24 July 2014

'Knowledge @ School'

Everyday a bloodbath
An existence filled with violence
Everyday a fear
Lacerating  in crimson hues
The spotless purity of school tunics
A lurking death dealer

Camouflaged against the white
White walls of a secured sanctity
CCTVs glint recording every moment
Their all-knowing black eyes
Unable to register the red passion
The lusty predator at large

Invading gleefully
The unfenced trust of a pure soul
The knowledge of a red fear
Comes in novel ways
The breach of trust
A deadly sin
Haunting the child heart
Marked adult forever
In a single red moment
Of brutal abuse

Sutapa Chaudhuri
A bilingual poet, translator and an academic, Sutapa Chaudhuri, PhD, teaches English at a college near Kolkata, IndiaShe has two poetry collections—Broken Rhapsodies (2011) and Touching Nadir (2014).