Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Munitions fall
and a family disappears.
While another family
watches on TV
until they can watch no more
and turn it off in stunned silence.
A third family also watches
and cheers loudly,
maybe records the report
for a highlights DVD.
The fourth family watches
while the father
lectures them on what has happened
and explains that
you can't trust these people.
Look what happens,
you must always hate them
or make them fear you.
Their leaders talk of
political gains and
moral highground
and the right to
defend themselves
and how the others,
always the others,
have no legitimacy
and theirs is a
 fight for liberty.
While only the disappeared
truly have any freedom

Israel and Gaza will struggle to get tangible gains 
©Hamish Mack
Hamish is a co-editor of Poetry24 and has been writing poetry for some time now.