Wednesday, 23 July 2014

'Investigating Invisibility'

Scientists are investigating
transformational optics,
metamaterials that will
bend and twist light,
making things disappear.

Of course
there are simpler
more familiar ways of
becoming invisible.

You could sit cross-legged
on a pavement and
place in front of you
an old cloth cap.

You could sit
in a wheelchair;
you could be fat, old
ugly or nondescript female.

You could be a child
in Africa, your photo
reproduced on a leaflet
asking for clean water
food, education.

But scientists are occupied
by researching
the more esoteric
unfeelability cloaks

and the spacetime cloak
which can edit
out of reality
you really want to hide.

© Sue Norton

An artist’s impression of Tower Infinity in Seoul, South Korea. The skyscraper would be covered with banks of cameras and LEDs on the glass facade so that it could project itself into invisibility – albeit only ‘perfectly’ from a few select viewing locations.