Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sunday Review

In a world becoming more and more tense Martha Landman in her poem "Culling the World" reminded us of the outcome of this sort of situation and how wasteful of young life we continue to be. There's some good insights in the poem and I like the admission of wishing the noisy motorcyclist harm which we have probably all done without thinking about it further.
How many in the great world wars,
Korea, Gallipoli and Afghanistan
How many teenagers on our roads,
family members at each other’s hands...
Kristina England's poem "Empty Nest" puts the horror of what one person has done up against the experience of all parents and acknowledges that the end result is the same. A very moving comparison.
to soar away from her into life,
knowing they will each fall
at their own given time.
A new contributor Melanie Barbato's poem "Deep Meditation" gave us all a look at an issue that we do not face in our normal western influenced lives which is the sort of thing that Poetry24 is very good at. The narrator tells us what their head says but makes the point that stranger things do happen.  
He's dead as dead from what I saw
 And by the terms we make
 And yet I know
 A fish can live
 Inside a frozen lake 
Darrell Petska gave us "Headlines We Could Live With" which is a wish list of things that need fixing. It is a worthy list and I do like how the last two items show that there's still some humour around.
Mars Rover Captures Elvis Image on Rock Face
Doom and Gloom Poets Turn to Love Lyrics
Due to a scheduling error, there was no Friday poem so we had a Saturday entry instead and it was the solemn despair of Joshua Baumgarten's "Musket to Machine Gun". There's not much else to say beyond what Joshua says:
Americans executing Americans
a birth right of violence.
Our mountain of murder beginning to
pile higher than the standards
We hold the rest of the world up to.
Have a good week people and keep on submitting your wonderful poems. It is always a great privilege to read them in our inbox.