Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Peace for Homs

In the city of Homs where the rebels have been
soldiers declare that it’s ‘Totally clean,’
the siege and the bombs
have destroyed most of Homs
but now midst the rubble recovery is seen.

The first to protest, to suffer, then fight
this city was punished to show who was right
and might will prevail,
how can it fail?
If treacherous thousands are soon put to flight.

Now no rattle of guns and explosions are heard
just the clatter of buckets and the song of a bird,
there’s no power and no water
but then there’s no slaughter
and all of that fighting was clearly absurd.

The iconic clock tower no longer keeps time
standing tall in the rubble as if to define
the Old Quarter of Homs
- what is left by the bombs -
has survived, so that everything now will be fine.

though the rebels have left they all swear to return
surely this can’t be a cause for concern?
The focus we stress
is in clearing the mess,
a suggestion we hope that all citizens learn.

Devastation in Homs
© Wendy Nicholson

Wendy Nicholson is an ecologist studying animals and plants but likes painting, and writing all kinds of poetry.