Saturday, 21 June 2014

Musket to Machine Gun

The family members never forget
We the public viewing
from a comfortable cable television distance
We tend to
over time.

For us little league games go into extra innings
Friday night services continue to be buoyant sing alongs
Trips to the mall are family nights out filled with pizza and pepsi
Strolls down main street are slow and steady, secure.
Though shadows now seem to linger longer and longer
as if we were all being followed by ghosts.

And over time
Front page news ink bleeds as the headlines become faded.
Cotton in the ears of the old grey and newbie politicos
deafens them to all the anguished cries.
Soundbites like shark bites leave gouged out holes in
Our deepest moral codes.

The bodies the graves the unwarranted dead
Americans executing Americans
a birth right of violence.
Our mountain of murder beginning to
pile higher than the standards
We hold the rest of the world up to.

Sympathies to all those who survived and are left to forever rewind.

A moment of silence has become
Way too short a life span to
Even begin to contemplate
This musket to machine gun catastrophe.

But eventually
we all

Oregon shooting
© Joshua Baumgarten