Wednesday, 18 June 2014

'Deep Meditation'

I know
An Englishman was lost
Three days
Inside the Lucknow labyrinth
I know
A diamond thief hid for
Three weeks in a
Golkonda mine
But can there be
A subtle-mattered mind
Cached in a bloodless
Brain or in a stiffened spine?
I went to med school
And I studied law
He's dead as dead from what I saw
And by the terms we make
And yet I know
A fish can live
Inside a frozen lake
The holy man
Not wanting to be found
He may have shrunk
And held his breath
And sunk down to the ground
Of a chromaffin cell
Just waiting to resurface
When all that's wrong is well

Melanie Barbato is a doctoral candidate in Indology and Religious Studies at LMU Munich, Germany.