Monday, 16 June 2014

Culling the World

It’s 4.32 am and a motorbike

throttles the neighbourhood awake

A sound so ferocious at first I

feared he was going to kill

himself and soon wished he would

Lying awake on this drizzly winter morning

I find no need to conspire global depopulation —

we’re fast culling the world:

49 troops killed in Ukraine plane

239 passengers in missing Malaysia Flight  

111 killed by rebels in Sudan’s Darfur —

200 000 since the conflict started in 2003 —

1 033 000 violent deaths in Iraq’s war

Untold numbers died in Africa’s genocides

7 killed in Anand road mishap in India

41 plus more in a train crash

How many in the great world wars,

Korea, Gallipoli and Afghanistan

How many teenagers on our roads,

family members at each other’s hands,

victims of home invasions and rape

Add to it the airborne ebola virus, the AIDS

virus, deadly viruses behind SARS and MERS,

mine accidents, tooth decay, gluttony and life

And in that slumber, while drifting back to sleep I

wonder: Were there any grand plans for Eden’s garden?

© Martha Landman

  Martha Landman writes in North Queensland, Australia. Her latest work has appeared in egg poetry, Beakful and Jellyfish Whispers.