Sunday, 11 May 2014

Sunday Review.

We had one of those weeks at Poetry24 when there weren't enough poems to go around. This is a great sadness to us all and resulted in a sad teddy bear being posted. I can understand a degree of tiredness in people's news poetry but think of the bears, people! However what we lacked in quantity we more than made up for in quality.
Kristina England's "How to Define Sacrifice" told simply and movingly of a teacher who sheltered a child with her body and lost her life doing it. I like the way the act is described, almost matter-of-factly, since this is the sort of thing teachers do. and the word cocoon brings home the protective nature of Ms. Bennett's action.
Ms. Ruth becomes the four-year-old's cocoon,

her own life taken by hard-cutting winds.
David R. Mellor's "Dylan Thomas" was published to mark the centenary of the poet's birth. Thye poem makes clear the influence that Thomas had on David in poetry and in life lessons. A very personal poem that we can all relate to.  
I first met you when the first red pen brushed my soul
Blue and black came unwanted
 Sue Norton's poem "Purposeless Walking" took us for a wander with the poet and their dog. we heard about the natrural and man-made worlds the two encounter and got to hear some family history. It is a nice walk and I think the sort of wander we do need from time to time for the reason that is given in the last lines.
I share her DNA, not her poverty. Turn homeward, thoughtful, slow. 
My poem "Bake Off" was written as soon as I could stop swearing about this vandalism. Incidentally I first heard of this through co founder of Poetry24 Martin Hodges, who is still has his ear to the ground.
I hope you all have a week and get some poems into the email for us.