Wednesday, 28 May 2014

'Hillsborough Revisted'

They came by coach from Warrington
Like others had done before
To see the scene of crime
Though it's not all here anymore
The Hillsborough inquests jury
With the coroner in tow
Following the same route
Taken 25 years ago
In preparation for the visit
In a car park carefully
They placed a row of cones
Where the turnstiles used to be
And where some walls once stood
They pointed out those
Asking them to use
Their imagination I suppose
It's an all seater stadium now
So the terraces aren't there
Yet I know they felt something
A kind of chill in the air
The fences and the steel bars
No longer line the field
But their grim shadows
Could not be concealed
From the Hillsborough inquests jury
Armed with notebooks and pens
And a database of images
From a computer aided lens
They had no need to come
They had nothing much to bring
But when it comes to justice
You can’t beat the real thing.

David Subacchi

David Subacchi was born in Wales of Italian roots. He is a well known poet especially in Wales and the North West of England. His English language collections ‘First Cut’ (2012) and ‘Hiding in Shadows’ (2014) have both been published by Cestrian Press.