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Monday, 26 May 2014

Poll Position

Other people seem to have followed me in here,
it must be the odd job notice - I put myself down
for anything these days.
MEP? Me? Well, sure!
As long as I don't have to vote or anything.
Future King? Hell, yeah! The odd gaff about dictators
and lording it over all of Cornwall notwithstanding.
I could have a go at sorting out the schools,
cops, unemployment - that isn't working, I get that -
and foreign policy, something I understand
we don't "do" here... Hey, tell you what,
give me your name and postcode, and I''ll drop by with a free quote.
We can discuss how everything is getting worse
alongside the "no politicians" sign on your letterbox.

© Mac Dunlop

Mac edits The Poetry Point and is also the cartoonist MacD, and recently won a Pluto Press award. His latest collection of cartoons and writing, "Cod Philosophy" is available online through the satirical website Politoons at:

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