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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Bake off.

She stands, wings outstretched,
to commemorate
the uprising of the people
who worked and lived
to try to make the world
a better place for
their children.
The stance is also
reminiscent of a
the expression
of state coercion in the
service of an empire.
And today that empire
will be a mercantile one,
suborning the symbolism
of the populace to sell more bread.
 Which  leads us to
one of the ironies here:
 that story
about the loaves and fishes.
How would that work
 now that angels are used
for advertising?
So there's a lot
of symbolism here.
A lot of metaphors.
About an act
of vandalism
that bruises us all.

Angel of the North to Sell Bread
©Hamish Mack


  1. Great poem - excellent pace, imagery, with emotion radiating off it. I had not read that story, and as a tourist loved the statue both in its surroundings and the miniature in the British Museum... stunned about its use, but feel as if I shouldn't be. Isn't everything for sale these days? Thank you for the powerful piece. Cheers!

  2. Thanks Sweeper of Dreams. I felt a similar feeling of gobsmacked overlayed on *sigh here we go again*. The line from The One Bob that kept running through my head is "Money doesn't talk it swears"