Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Time to Go.

 Would that we all had a say
In that moment, the very day
That death sends us upon our way
To the oblivion we know nought of.

There is a gain for the state
An easy pension to calculate
At whatever is the going rate
But going where? Below or above?

And for our families there is relief
No sudden shocks; bewildered grief
Time for goodbyes, long or brief
Yet still the tears will flow.

But what power to us to have that choice
Of saying "That's enough" and give it voice
To know when you're ready to rejoice
And celebrate your life now it's time to go.

© James Bessant 2014
James has provided a Soundcloud Link to hear him read his poem.  https://soundcloud.com/j-bessant/time-to-go
James lives in London with his family, and has been writing stories and poems for some years. He blogs when he can at http://jamesbessant.blogspot.co.uk/