Sunday, 27 April 2014

Sunday Review

On Your Wife Kissing a Politician and Woman Dies in Fire by Kristina England featured this week dealing with marital breakdown and the questions they raise. I think that the last stanza of 'Woman Dies in Fire' sum it up for me. Great imagery and great understanding.
Marital beds uncomfortable from such heat,
neighboring wives toss and turn,
then pace through the halls of their rural homes,
sleep some ghost of itself 
drifting in and out 
of their walls.
James Besant's "Time to Go" gave the Poetry24 laser look at political waffle and what it really means.
And for our families there is relief
No sudden shocks; bewildered grief
Time for goodbyes, long or brief
Yet still the tears will flow.
A special mention for James as he included a soundcloud link to hear him read his poem.
As is usual at Poetry24, good poems are followed by more good poems and Sue Norton's Easter in Ansan, South Korea gave a high definition look at the grief and desolation that people in Ansan are experiencing. It is exemplified in the two lines:
Parents, grandparents, weep at Easter’s tomb,

sealed with steel.  Blossom wilts, tired as hope.
"Tired as hope" is wonderful.
 My country, New Zealand has many links to the Sherpa people so we have been interested in their industrail action on Everest. Rachel Mulholland's "Priceless Paths" summed up the situation with clarity and empathy. A rare, very valuable combination.

And money will be lost in a
snow covered bubble which
may be unfair but a kind of
price to pay and hardly as much
as the bodies we have had to weigh.
 I hope you all have a good, productive week. Please find time to send some good vibrations to Abi's shoulder which is not behaving itself. My family and I are having a jolly good holiday in Melbourne Australia and I hope that your week will be as good as ours. keep sending in your poems.