Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sunday Review.

Abi started the week for us with her poem "Recovery Position" which shows the difference between political spin and what is really happening. The last two lines are chilling in their casual dismissal of suffering by the largely male, establishment propagandists.
We're in this together and we'll be all okay -so say the news men from the BBC.
Abi also announced that we would like people to contribute recordings of them reading their poems. it would give us all an idea of where you think the emphases should be in your poems and how you want them to sound. We are only going to accept soundcloud recordings though, due to their ease of embedding.   
On Tuesday, Kristina England's poem "Woman Found Dead After Five years" told a rather harrowing story of the disintegration of a sense of community that is very common in our modern world.
The lines about the lady's neighbours spell out the problem. people need to ask questions.
And yet, people mowed her grass,
dropped off one-way mail,
didn't ask any questions...
Niall O'Connor's poem "Ukraine" was our Wednesday poem and outlined the horror of that situation very starkly. Mr. Putin's machismo is going to have savage repercussions on the ordinary people of Ukraine. Not much new there, sadly. it is a very powerful poem told very well.
Now we are re-branded,
the cleansing begins,
and they put Cain against Abel
turn friend against friend.
A rather more hopeful note was struck by Thursday's poem "Listen" by Siobhán McLaughlin 
describing the moment in which a previously deaf woman could start to hear.
There is a lovely evocation of music in the poem.
40 songs richer
now. This is what it sounds like
when doves cry. 
Sue Norton's poem "Why Was Father Frans Murdered?" was Friday's poem which showed the true worth
of Poetry 24 because I had not heard of this story and getting to hear about through Sue's very good poem brought home how terrible a loss this was.
Because he believed the world
would wake up and send food and medicine

Have a good week folks, keep sending in your poems and let us hear how you want them to sound.