Monday, 7 April 2014

'Recovery Position'

You can listen to 'Recovery Position' here.

There's a man on TV, all shiny and bright,
tells me things are on their way to being better.
Business, he tells me, is back on the up
and the fat cat bankers have cleaned up their act
and licked their paws clear of the cream. It's a fact.
It's only a matter of time before we turn the corner;
and the workers, they must do their bit,
have a little faith, keep holding on.

But, Mister, I don't see things that way.
I don't buy what you're trying to sell me.
What I see is this: the rich guy getting richer by the day;
and the TV and the papers, they stink of it;
they stink of lies and corruption and cruelty.
Yet there's this shiny, slick news guy
who smiles and smiles and tells me
what they want me to think.

Night after night, they spin their spin,
pretending all this other stuff ain't happening:
there ain't no riots, not anywhere that counts;
no marches, and  no protests on the street;
and no one much is sleeping rough;
and our children are not going hungry.
We're in this together and we'll be all okay -
so say the news men from the BBC.

Abigail Wyatt

Important Notice
As from today we will be accepting Soundcloud files to post as an addition to the text of the poem sent in by our contributors. We have decided to embrace Soundcloud because it is really easy to cut and pace and Hamish and I have to consider the constraints on our  - unpaid - time. Providing us with a Souncloud link is by no means essential to get your poem published but we think this is an important step forward. My poem above is published as a kind of trial run. We look forward to seeing - and hearing - your work.