Wednesday, 2 April 2014

'Out of the Fire'

The edge of our seats frizzle,

the screams stick to smoke in our throats.

We watch the man on the ledge

with electric-flames exploding

the doorframe behind him.

The heat on the backs of our necks-

there is no alternative; he jumps.

five stories midair, the world

a movie stunt   –         he lands.

But four stories stand

between death and life

and the ladder just

doesn’t reach.

He must let go again.

And when he does,

so do the flames.

Fireballs burst through steel, walls,

windows of hell shattering.

We squint through the haze, wordless

prayers reflected and answered.

After the wave, we see that

he made it, clutching to the

ladder’s strength which

by nature will never match his own.

We gather glasses of water

and thank god the TV is only

partially sensory.

He lives.

 ©Dianne E. Selden

By profession, Dianne’s an American journalist-turned-political scientist, but her core-ego is a Cymru-phile with poetry and stories circulating her blood. Her collage poems and musings can be found at