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Monday, 14 April 2014

'No make up selfie'

Face scrubbed clean,

camera poised

angled for the best shot

full on, or profile?

Should my hair be neat,

or tousled to go with

the bare skinned

just up look?

Picture posted

three hundred likes

friends nominated,

my heart thumps

with good feelings

perhaps my £3 have

saved a life.

I choose to hide

the stories of

real life struggles

the photos

of mastectomy scars,

heads bald and faces

bare of eyebrows and lashes

my body has not been ravaged

by a disease, and its cure

that leaves me

skin and bone, hairless

drawn and exhausted.

No I have done my bit

posted my photo, sent the cash

my selfie for cancer is

as far as I want to go

as much as I want to know

I've told the world

I support the research

but I cannot bear to

see the truth.

©Niamh Hill

Niamh Hill is a former accountant and primary school teacher who enjoys reading and writing poetry, yoga and changing the world for the better over a coffee with friends


  1. A brilliant read, Niamh. Enjoy this.


    Amy Barry

  2. Please don't assume that anyone who posted a 'selfie' ONLY posted a 'selfie'. Some of us donate to cancer research on a monthly basis and have been touched by losing lots of people to cancer over the years. I regarded the selfies purely as a good way of getting publicity for the research and hopefully a lot of people will start donating from this. So, sorry the selfies made you livid - but £8m can't be a bad thing, however it's got, surely.

    1. I don't assume "that anyone who posted a 'selfie' ONLY posted a 'selfie'.", my poem is a response to an article I read (linked to) and reflects the view of the writer of that article. I do appreciate the fact that some people can't afford to give much and every little helps so if the selfies helped promote a cause and generated much needed cash then well and good. But I imagine that in a few weeks time all will be forgotten and people will not donate on a regular basis.