Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Kitchen Art

Toddler finger paintings – one a blue fish –
another a description rimmed with line cartoons
of a second grade field trip to The Philadelphia Zoo.

 My son’s rendition ofVan Gogh’s
“Starry Night” a tin engraving embellished with
stroked swirls. These hang in my kitchen.

My own mixed media work, a constellation of dappled stars
paper napkin clusters of French waiters,
cast in black and white, carrying trays.

What inspired you? Was it Yellow House fever and
raging colors of luscious fruit, apples and fat grapes
of the Gauguin, maybe painted after his stay in Arles withVan Gogh,

or was it the Bonnard, a languid she relaxing,
the world at once comfortable and just out of reach.
Were these a little too much to pass up?

Once at home, did you settle the kitchen art
near a bright window to catch the light’s
expansive breath across the fruit, just so,
or was it twilight that captured those patinas best.

I imagine your retirement in Sicily:
Soft breezes pushing the olive tree branches,
a little dry-stone wall just outside the snug kitchen

and an herb garden with potted rosemary and bay, beyond.
Here in Pennsylvania, I’d hang those masterpieces
in my kitchen, too, if they were mine.

I’d find just the right place to put them
on sunny yellow walls, if I’d
have been the lucky one to possess them.

Owner hopes to keep stolen paintings on kitchen wall

©Melinda Rizzo

Melinda Rizzo is a freelance writer and reporter, living in rural Bucks County, USA. She shares a nearly 200-year-old farmhouse with husband Phil, their son Adam and a black Labrador named Caleb.
The large kitchen - centrally located on the first floor - is the heart and soul of their home.