Monday, 28 April 2014

'The Hunters of Laval, Quebec'

They arrive in mass, ready to compete. 
Impatient, they remove a fence
before given the go-ahead,
stampede a field of fun.
Hungry for candy-filled prizes,
they knock down children,
steal plastic eggs from baskets,
leave little ones empty-handed.
Identified as parents, caregivers,
you might have mistaken them
for bloodhounds instead.
But, that's fine.  The two are 
often indistinguishable
these days.

©Kristina England

Easter Egg hunt in Laval goes horribly wrong

Kristina England resides in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Her writing is published or forthcoming at Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, Gargoyle, New Verse News, Poetry24, and other magazines.