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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Environmental Intercourse

It’s just a little tremor.
It’s just a weeny shake.
It’s just a teeny tiny itty bitty earthquake.
There’s no need to worry,
and no need to protest,
it’s merely experimental fundamental stress. 

Environmental intercourse,
procreating wealth.  
We’ll sell hydraulic power
by contaminating wells. 

Gaia likes a jet inside her
moistening her shale,
hungers for our filthy penetration;
loves to get a fracking
from a whacking big drill;
ejaculating methanol, we give her crack a thrill.

Environmental intercourse,
procreating wealth.  
We’ll sell hydraulic power
by endangering your health.

This public negativity
about our new technology
is poisoning the people’s hearts and minds;
so the air’s a little murky
and the water’s looking dirty
and we took without consent from Mother Earth,

so what?

Environmental intercourse
will make our wallets fat.
We’ll cock up all your fundaments
then sell you back the gas.                 
We don’t care about your children
or your future or your health
cos we’re busy wrecking Gaia
to increase our massive wealth.
Yes we’re busy fucking Gaia
and we’ll please our fucking selves.

Study of oil wells highlights dangers of fracking.

©Laura Taylor

My biog is as follows:
Strident yet curiously engaging, Laura Taylor is a gobby Northerner with a penchant for upsetting apple carts, and she never knows quite when to shut up.

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