Wednesday, 16 April 2014

David Cameron speaks of Christian faith in Easter messa

“Jesus invented the Big Society 2,000 years ago,"
Cameron told his audience. "I just want to see more of it.”

“If there are things that are stopping you from doing more,
think of me as a giant Dyno-Rod to clear any blockages.”

Our MP’s, bankers, police, move swiftly to flush away any whiff or stench,
corruption, abuse of power. Our new brooms swing in sanitising sweeps.

Our volunteers are running schools, food banks and libraries. They
visit prisoners, never compromising security by taking books inside.

We summon the sick and disabled and we transform them. They become fit for work.
This is what it’s about, helping each other. Easter doesn’t just mean chocolate.

Christians are constantly persecuted so I won’t be surprised if you attack me.
I find a little bit of peace and hopefully a bit of guidance when I go to church.

I think Jesus would understand quite well what we are trying to do.

©Sue Norton