Wednesday, 30 April 2014

'Border Control'

It’s 25 years since the Iron Curtain drew back,
the Wall crumbled.  And Cold War thawed.
Fences, humming the German-Czech border, went
dead. Dismantled.  Armed guards dispersed. 
Forest stretched its arms over land where nearly
five hundred runaways died, grappling freedom.  
Now scientists come, tagging and tracking the red deer,
discover two groups keeping to Cold War boundaries.
Electric fences shocked these animals apart. Today
a learned apartheid divides them, though the land is
open now; no visible barriers, nothing to prevent mingling,
except unvisited assumptions and the instinct of the herd.

©Sue Norton

Czech deer still avoid Iron Curtain

Sue Norton is a regular contributor to Poetry24 and is greatly valued as such.