Monday, 10 March 2014

You could have had kids by now

chips off the old block,
leaving school, 
marching out into the world.

Watching their dad getting by
getting on
maybe struggling 
to making ends meet
like we all are.

Watching the news on the TV
reading about an inquiry 
into the police 
spying on an inquiry
into the police 
letting young men get 
away with murder
because of the colour of their skin.

Watching an old man
who looks like granddad
telling everyone - again - 
how he loved you

and how his trust has gone forever.

©Steve Pottinger

Steve loves words, loves people more, and enjoys poetry which makes him smile, or think, or want to man the barricades. When not standing behind a microphone or in front of an audience, he can often be found down the pub. He hopes you enjoy his work. If you do, check out his website.

twitter: @BigStevePoet