Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Missing Plane

The air around the room
hums and stutters
with staccato of one hundred voices.

Understanding comes in waves,
rumbles at their weary minds.
It first breaks their spirits
and breaks their hearts,
then it pokes at every organ
and every limb,
shaking their bodies.
And it all comes out
through their eyes;
Scream of tears
down each cheek.

A dire time!
A difficult time!
They miss their loved ones
more than words can say.
And all together
in silence
they pray-
at morning, at noon
and evening.

Unknowable fate,
a baffling riddle-
Where to search
for the last shadow
cast by MH370.

©Amy Barry

Relatives of missing Malaysia Airlines passengers are hopeful 
 Amy Barry writes poems and short stories. She has worked in the media, hotel and Oil & Gas industries. Her poems have been published in anthologies, journals, and e-zines, in Ireland and abroad. Her poems have been read and shared over the radio in Australia, Canada and Ireland. She loves traveling. Trips to India, Nepal, China, Bali, Paris, Berlin have all inspired her work.
    She is a regular contributor to Poetry 24. When not inspired to write, she plays Table Tennis. She loves sushi.