Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sunday Review

Pijush Kanti Deb's poem "Mr. Comma---The Poor" started our week with an interesting look at what would be a huge change in the way English is written. I like the imagery of  commas as  traffic police.
Mr. Comma---a humble and useful hand-
 serves as a traffic police in the junction.
As for apostrophes, that's going to need the UN to rule on it.
 Bryn Hyfrd's "Collision" was a wonderfully austere commentary on Global Warming. Despite the spareness it contains a wealth of imagery and some good word play.
Between the thumb and the palm oil plains
and the deforestation rains
To prove what up-to-the-minute technology users Abi and I are we included Sue Norton's Advice for Google Glass Testers  which contains advice that will become a classic expression.
don't be a Glasshole when this happens.
Don’t be creepy, snappy or rude. 
I like the way that the poet asks questions of Google that she knows they will not or cannot answer. I am in favour of questions in poetry.
 L.S.Bassen contributed You Are My Sunshine which is a dense poem with many layers to it. it is exemplarised by the opening lines
Munch, shut your Man-in-the-Moon mouth,
listen to Ray Charles Cheshire Cat grin
that only and ever sunshine...
There's a lot in that and the poem rewards some thinking on it
 David Mellor's "Blow up the North" gave a passionate and satirically biting reply to David Cameron's govrnments plans for destroying chemical weapons. The chilling tone of the last lines sum it all up.
“But that’s the other side of the country and there maybe loss of life”
 “I ‘ll live with it, I’ve already taken most of their lives”

There was a superb mix of poems this week and it underlined the value of Potetry24. It lives or dies by the quality of the contributors and these were all fine examples of what we can do. Please keep on sending in poems, keep involved in comments and keep an eye or ear on the news. 
The weather is cooling down a little in New Zealand and we are starting to notice Autumnal colours on some of the trees. It is a good time of year as pears and apples are getting to the picking stage. They are big favourites in this house.
I hope you all have good, poetry producing, weeks.