Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sunday Review

Steve Pottinger's You could have had kids by now" was our first poem of the week about the results of an enquiry into the death of Stephen Lawrence. It is a very poignant poem as exemplified by the second stanza.

Watching their dad getting by
getting on
maybe struggling 
to making ends meet
like we all are.
Poetry24 is about our reactions to the news and the second poem this week Nat Loftus' "shafted (feelin kinda dearful part 1)"  gave a look at the very complex reactions that can go in a place when a law change occurs that is a large step. It is a challenging poem  and I will be very interested to see part 2.
Sue Norton's "Aquatic Centre Escape" was Wednesday's poem  which is  nice perspective on floods liberating two fish and freedom in general. I like the images in this poem
red and yellow silks of his fins
fluttering like kites, exciting
 Sue Norton also provided the poem for Thursday with "Shining Star" a poem that looked at the sort of story that gives a shaft of light in the darkness encompassing people all over the world. 
Ndaba Sibanda provided the Friday poem "Please Slow Down Artificial Chaps", a plea to the robots to cut us flesh and bone folks, some slack. Speaking as so someone who is regularly left scratching his head at the weird places my computer gets to, I agree.
I hope  you all had a good week and will have a good next week. New Zealand seems to have dodged the worst of a tropical cyclone and we are looking forward to some settled weather.