Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sunday Review

Kristina England's "Theories of Flight" was our first poem of the week and summed up the confusion and sorrow around the missing plane. The last stanza of the poem is a moving and beautifully written exposition of the feelings the waiting relatives must have.
Nothing to grasp.
Nothing to take in their hands,
fold, give wings,
then let go.
Noel Loftus gave us "shafted (feelin kinda fearful part 2)" on Tuesdaywhich again dealt with feelings of confusion and sorrow. This time in a family setting and with a wry slant on the situation. There's some great wordplay in this poem and it rewards rereading.
Have to finish that book report somehow written
fifty years late by an Irish man about a concentration camp-.
Jesus would have wept, but he’s surfing again.
 Afric McGlinchey's "Flight MH370" took us on board the plane and gave us a look into the minds of passengers in the final minutes of the flight. The poem fully realises the aim of good poetry, to take you inside the mind of another and the empathy of the description make it a very good and memorable poem.
She thinks of drinking rum with those fishermen
in Kuching, the music, everybody laughing,
her eyes squeezing tears.
A.J.Binash's poem "Waking up from Rigor Mortis" gives an overview of the kind of capitalism that I think we could do without. There's some very good imagery in this poem and some cutting observations.
There's strength in numbers.
(Just ask the groundskeeper at a
Westernized graveyard) 
 We finished the week with "With a Kiss" by Siobhán McLaughlin which tells the story of a very famous photo from the end of World War 2 on the death of the sailor in the photo. The poem captures the elation that must have gripped people and has a wonderful evocation of the spirit of the day. I love the "default affront" phrase. it's perfect.
No obelisk or stone statue to remember -
one man and woman’s fame
cemented by impulse, a default affront
to the rigid machinations of war.
Thank you all so much for such wonderful poems, it is a great privilege to see them all. I hope you all have good weeks. Autumn is getting underway here so we have been out foraging for crabapples and it's all crabapple jelly all week. Yum!