Friday, 14 March 2014

'Please Slow Down Artificial Chaps'

               they say
artificial intelligence is moving faster than humans
     and sooner than later it is likely that
          robots will be smarter than us
the end of the century—not just at chess or mathematics
or engineering or science and medicine but at everything
               they say
there might be a few jobs left for entertainers and writers
     but computers will ultimately be able to sequence
and gobble up massive quantities of information and reason
in ways that we humans can only faintly imagine
               some say
we should not fear a mere darkness without leopards because
these machines are created by humans and should they fool
          themselves by trying to outsmart us at every
               corner we simply unplug them!

©Ndaba Sibanda

Computers will be as smart as humans by 2030             

Ndaba Sibanda is a Zimbabwean-born writer. He hails from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe`s second largest city. He is one of the most prolific poets to emerge from that Southern African country.A former National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) nominee, Ndaba has contributed to many anthologies including: Its Time, Poems For Haiti- a South African anthology, SnippetsVoices For Peace and Black Communion.   His latest anthology, The Dead Must Be Sobbing was published in March 2013.  Ndaba`s debut novel, Timebomb has been accepted for publication in the UK. He has just completed writing two more poetry anthologies, Love, Light and Greatness, and Time To Walk The Talk respectively. In 2005 he published his debut book of epic poems, Love O’clockNdaba`s favourite quote is: Writing is my life and my second wife. He lives in Saudi Arabia.