Tuesday, 11 March 2014

shafted (feelin kinda fearful part1)

sometin for de weakened 
raspberry con
dom ok
you loud
you scream
it big for you
you mix 
wit de boy in de city
maybe swing wit de country lady too shhh
but you good chick so you go
a prayin sunday and it be ok agin
u too boy u go prayin now

better shut de mout
cant say notin now bout anytin
not show respek
gots me a place for you
i do it wit de aksent you know
dis is where it at

u all mixed in de head now
i knows dat since u all rektumised
y’all not feelin too good
but u gots to know it aint your doin
see you is hung over cos las nite you face
wit de cocktail mos charmin
but com de morning it so alarmin
here is where it at

u trash
when you don got born no sooner
u got de pulse de polis dey got you on de pulse
special iffen u travellin dude
so dey know where u at an how much u worth
rest u mortal life
git in de shower n wash u ass good now
cos soon u pay so much for de water
u be smellin like racoon man

u trash
u go stralia or maybe merica 
aint no place for u here
radio man he get de big note
he know how to feel sad for u sorry ass an u piss poor
know how to skunk down to please u ears  
even de newspaper preachin you all day
©Noel Loftus
Same sex marriage referendum will make Ireland 'a beacon of light'

Noel Loftus is a member of ward9writers based in Mayo and enjoys very short bursts of inspiration tempered by long periods of work.