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Monday, 17 March 2014

'A Rebel With Many Causes' and 'Tony Benn'

I saw him in Manchester.
He was on the stage
to talk about his life,
recorded in his diary
that was on sale outside
in the theatre’s foyer.
An armchair and a table
were some of his props
together with a pipe
- unlit, for safety reasons -
a cup and a teapot
on which rested a cosy.
On this domestic scene
he spoke of his affinity
with the Mancunian region
when a serving officer
in the Royal Air Force.
He gave a left-wing view
of socialist democracy,
the threat of global economy,
of environmental issues
and the perils of capitalism.
He was a man of the people
who resigned from Parliament
to concentrate on politics.
That’s what he said and meant.
He argued against conflicts
saying that war represents
a failure of diplomacy.
He fought against colleagues
as well as his enemies;
he was a rebel with many causes,
the like of which we’ll see no more.
© Luigi Pagano 2014

Luigi Pagano is a contributor to Poetry24 as well as other websites such as UKAuthors.com and ABCtales.com

'Tony Benn'
A life time banging the drum
Down with capitalism
Down with greed
He got Down to the people
Who were really In need

Didn’t turn his eyes away
Or flinch for a moment
Stood shoulder to shoulder with those
Discarded as waste in a system of greed

A life time banging the drum
Down with capitalism...
Down with Greed....
He got down to the people
Who were really In need
©David R. Mellor


  1. Lovely to see Tony Benn remembered in this way, at Poetry24.

  2. "resigned from Parliament
    to concentrate on politics"

    is perhaps the key to ridding Britain (rest of the greedy world) of university plebs playing games meant more for the pub than building a better country?

  3. Thanks for your comments, gentlemen. The one thing that I have found encouraging about this very sad loss is the number of people who have gone out of their way to pay tribute to this man whose name, for me at least, will always be synonymous with integrity and the kind of conviction politics that is too little in evidence today.