Monday, 17 March 2014

'A Rebel With Many Causes' and 'Tony Benn'

I saw him in Manchester.
He was on the stage
to talk about his life,
recorded in his diary
that was on sale outside
in the theatre’s foyer.
An armchair and a table
were some of his props
together with a pipe
- unlit, for safety reasons -
a cup and a teapot
on which rested a cosy.
On this domestic scene
he spoke of his affinity
with the Mancunian region
when a serving officer
in the Royal Air Force.
He gave a left-wing view
of socialist democracy,
the threat of global economy,
of environmental issues
and the perils of capitalism.
He was a man of the people
who resigned from Parliament
to concentrate on politics.
That’s what he said and meant.
He argued against conflicts
saying that war represents
a failure of diplomacy.
He fought against colleagues
as well as his enemies;
he was a rebel with many causes,
the like of which we’ll see no more.
© Luigi Pagano 2014

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'Tony Benn'
A life time banging the drum
Down with capitalism
Down with greed
He got Down to the people
Who were really In need

Didn’t turn his eyes away
Or flinch for a moment
Stood shoulder to shoulder with those
Discarded as waste in a system of greed

A life time banging the drum
Down with capitalism...
Down with Greed....
He got down to the people
Who were really In need
©David R. Mellor