Wednesday, 12 March 2014

'Aquatic Centre Escape'

When February floods rose
flooding the World of Water,
the fish became interested.
Steve the sturgeon twitched
his barbels.  Light flashed on
his scutes as he manoeuvred
his metre-long body up and
out of his show tank.  Flicking 
his tail lobes, he swam past
the shop displays and out,
across the road, investigating
the murk of freedom.  When
the river retreated, they
found him a mile away,
lurking in the deepest puddle  
the car wash had to offer. 

Steve’s back in his tank, but
Chadwick, the gold sparkle
Koi carp, is still out, voyaging,

red and yellow silks of his fins
fluttering like kites, exciting

swirls of sedimentary clouds.

©Sue Norton