Thursday, 27 February 2014

You Are My Sunshine

Munch, shut your Man-in-the-Moon mouth,
listen to Ray Charles Cheshire Cat grin
that only and ever sunshine. "People are jazzed,"
said Omar A. Hurricane, laser scientist
leading a fusion project. The French pursue
the energy paradigm shift via
the Russian acronym tokamak,
which is not a Wampanoag word
like Pawtucket, where the American
industrial Revolution began at Slater's
(not Sutter's, that's the Gold Rush) Mill.
Pawtucket means where sweet water
falls into salt tides obeying Ocean
and Moon. O my, the sky will fall
into our open mouths, will fill hungry bellies
for future millennia to sorrow over past
famines and our deafness and plagues.
Smile, Munch. Other side of that bridge
will be sunshine can't be taken away.

©L.S. Bassen.
Fiction Editor for
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