Sunday, 2 February 2014

Sunday Review

Monday's poem was "I Hear No Music" by Martha Landman which looked at a recent case in Texas involving a brain dead, pregnant woman.  It is a very evocative poem and this stanza is very powerful.
I am the music I’ll never hear
the Nicaragua I’ll never see
I am my brother’s raven hair.
 Tuesday brought Philip Johnson's poem "the second half of a pair of shoes wishes me a good day" which is very critical of the UK Prime Minister hailing a recovery that has escaped the eye of just about everyone else.  There's some great imagery in this poem such as:
sat there in his cardboard box with his big broad smile
tapping together his feet - a plimsoll on his left foot
oddly a wellington on the right.
Wednesday's poem "Ronchamp" was the first by Aoife Troxel to appear at Poetry24. It is a poem tinged with sadness and anger with some very striking lines in it. We hope to hear more from Aoife.
In the moonlight, it grew fungal
dark and magnificent.
But there are those who would let it rot.
Sarah Clancy's Thursday poem "Selfie" quite shocked me because I had not heard of the incident before. This silencing of protest is getting to be quite popular with the ruling classes. The last three lines speak to and for us all.  I don't blame it all right.
the self won’t get up out of bed today
and I don’t blame it,
I'll have to leave without it.

Craig Guthrie's poem "The Subjective Nature of News"   showed the bewildering nature of the news cycle whilst our own lives whirl on . I love the section beginning
My eight websites

and my lost phone number
I hope the coming week is a good one for you all and that you get inspired to submit a poem to us.