Monday, 10 February 2014

Robotic, surely not?

Do you think they could do that -
With my boobs?
Make them bionic, supersonic flues?
So that every touch by hubby
had pieces whirring, stirring too.
Nuts ‘n bolts slotting into place  -
shifting, right or left with a twist of a screw.
A lever or key.
I’d be happy to forgo the flashing red lights.
The warning alarms of a compact working crew.

But would we even know what to do?
How would we ever handle these self-propelled titties?
How many floors, upstairs or down?
Decorators, contractors, fabrics and wood.
Refurbishment sounds cool but surely these’d do?

And could they create a spaceship? One floor or two?
Where I could store breast milk for a baby I knew.
Could there be caverns that would happily rotate?
Clockwise and counter, shifting into place.
Releasing packaged milk for a bairn or two.
Maybe even lunch or dinner, yahoo!

I could happily go braless with my nippleless chest.
Content with the Crème brûlée mounds I love best.
My silicone pair I consider mighty.
Even after the cancer, chemo, radiation blues.
Let’s face it - they’re new. Me too.
A few replacements or two,
now they sit ever so sedate.
My very own motley troop.

And when we were done with our lusty crew,
might we consider recycling those cubicles too?
Trips across the sea, continents away.
Bermuda. Malaysia. Bathing suits and all.
Ryanair flights with no extra baggage.
My mammaries packed free with minimal carriage.

Ah sure it’s happy I am with my unique two.
No need for batteries, petrol or fuel.
So I’ll stay with my mammeries. Silicone too.
Anyone up for this scientific breakthrough?

Bionic hand allows patient to "feel"

©Mari Maxwell

BIO: Along with letting it all hang out, Mari is a 14-year survivor of Inflammatory
 Breast Cancer. Her writing is forthcoming in Veils, Halos and Shackles: International 
Poetry on the Abuse and Oppression of Women. Her work was also shortlisted in the 2014
 Walking on Thin Ice Short Story Contest, [A short story contest where writers fight
 back against stigma and institutional power] Her work was also longlisted in the
 2013 Over the Edge New Writer of the Year. She has previously had the thrill
 of being published with Poetry 24.