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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Right of Reply

Come on your belly, if your legs can't carry
the weight of your moral certitude;

set us an example in tolerance,
in the noble art of rising above;

instruct us how to love one another
as you have loved, as He has loved you;

teach us the lessons of physical restraint,
show us the stones in your pocket, unthrown;

Peacemakers, merciful, meek and pure
show us why the rewards of righteousness are yours.

©Angela T Carr

Angela is a poet & writer based in Dublin, Ireland. Winner of the Cork Literary Review Manuscript Competition in 2013, her debut collection will be published by Bradshaw Books in 2014. More at www.adreamingskin.com.


  1. Nice job Angela and adore those opening lines!

  2. Thank you, John & Mari, for your kind comments! It made me angry to see a religious organisation use their faith to justify hate speech, ignore democratic process and try to stifle freedom of speech for another point of view.