Monday, 24 February 2014

Mr. Comma---The Poor

Quite complicated the traffic system is,
 yet a set of efficient hands are busy
 in making it simple and effective.
 Mr. Comma---a humble and useful hand-
 serves as a traffic police in the junction,
 controls the regular hustle and bustle,
 compartmentalises the jumbled vehicles-
 carrying the important ''Meaning'' for us,
 provides the drivers with a moment of leisure
 to be refreshed for a while
 and directs them to race on the way of destination
 one by one in a disciplined
 and a meaningful way.
 An indispensible hand it seems-
 so what? We like saluting the reformations.
 Prof. John Mc Whorter,
 one of the famous system directors,
 likes to introduce a post-curtailment process,
 raises his new sword on
 the neck of the old-Mr. Comma,
 convinces the world about his poor significance
 and assures the smooth running of the system
 without the presence of Mr. Comma,
 the world says,'' Let's see''.

©Pijush Kanti DebThe Death of the Comma?
Pijush Kanti Deb is a new Indian poet with more than 100 poems accepted or published in many national and international magazines and journals- print and on-line since June 2013.He is an Associate Professor in Economics.