Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Judging Justin

The net drips contempt
for a chicken
tied to sing in his teens;
from nothing out of nowhere,
unaware and unprepared.
by the jagged
little splinters
made of gilt.

Contractually paid to play,
and play;
to play,
and play
to make the pay his mother never could.

Brains of Braun - chicken pawn
can’t feel a silence of the mind
to rest,
Never to decelerate.

Atoms of his sanity exploding on TV.
Spiralling, signalling,
resisting, somersaulting.
Stripped by the media;
consumed, commodified,
dehumanised, and vilified.
This neverland will never last;
wishes made of dollars never do.

Take the plank from your eye -
a chicken speck of sawdust
costs a fortune,
lasts a lifetime,
narrows all of his tomorrows
fit to slide inside a bottle-necked fate.

Justin Beiber charged with limo driver assault

© Laura Taylor
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Laura Taylor bangs her head repeatedly against various walls. Luckily, she has a very hard head.