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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Judging Justin

The net drips contempt
for a chicken
tied to sing in his teens;
from nothing out of nowhere,
unaware and unprepared.
by the jagged
little splinters
made of gilt.

Contractually paid to play,
and play;
to play,
and play
to make the pay his mother never could.

Brains of Braun - chicken pawn
can’t feel a silence of the mind
to rest,
Never to decelerate.

Atoms of his sanity exploding on TV.
Spiralling, signalling,
resisting, somersaulting.
Stripped by the media;
consumed, commodified,
dehumanised, and vilified.
This neverland will never last;
wishes made of dollars never do.

Take the plank from your eye -
a chicken speck of sawdust
costs a fortune,
lasts a lifetime,
narrows all of his tomorrows
fit to slide inside a bottle-necked fate.

Justin Beiber charged with limo driver assault

© Laura Taylor
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Laura Taylor bangs her head repeatedly against various walls. Luckily, she has a very hard head.


  1. Well written Laura, I like the use of repeated imagery - the splinters/planks that remind us of the two-faced nature of celebrity and society's tendency to judge others alongside our failure to protect children. Justin is just the latest in a growing list of child stars who face potential ruin when this lifestyle catches up with them.

  2. Hey Carolyn

    Thank you :) Never thought I'd ever find myself writing about Justin Bieber of all people, but the level of vitriol aimed his way, his background, and the inevitable tragic consequences of his current life all combined to find me feeling really very sorry for the young fella.

    Thanks again, appreciate you taking the time to read and comment.