Monday, 3 February 2014

At The Library

Note: Prior to the second decade of the 21st Century, information was held in a paper format called books; these were stored in building mainframes known as Libraries.
Its sleepy silence grounds me; traffic noise 
doused in the sweep of a carousel door,
only the brisk clip of shoe leather
on the dull copper burnish of herringbone
parquet; the pattering of typewriter keys;
the rubber stamp's thunk-thunk and the crisp lick
of a turning page, dog-eared, yellowed
by impatient thumbs and tracing fingers;
and the ghosts of a thousand whispered questions,
wary of disturbing calf-bound reverie,
where the magnetic pull of a paper North,
travels pulp mountains and rivered ink,
stirs the golden dust motes, hung in the morning
window, and my imagination to flight.
©Angela T Carr

Angela is a poet & writer based in Dublin, Ireland. Winner of the Cork Literary Review Manuscript Competition in 2013, her debut collection will be published by Bradshaw Books in 2014. More