Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Advice for Google Glass Testers (adapted from the website)

Glass frees you! Look,  
engage with the world around you!
Get walking directions to a fantastic restaurant!
Get updates on that delayed flight!

Glass frees your hands for other things -
golfing, or juggling flaming torches
while balanced on a beach ball
(but also see warnings below.)

When you’re cooking, it’s great for
looking up how many ounces in a cup, 
or taking a sly photo
from your unique perspective.

Don’t, however

Glass-out by reading War and Peace.
You need a bigger screen.  Also
remember you’ll look pretty weird if
you stare off –prism.  Don’t day-dream.


rock Glass by doing high impact sports.
Use common sense. Water ski-ing,
bull riding or cage fighting are
probably not good ideas with Glass.


think Glass makes you invisible.
People will ask, Wow, are those
Google Glasses? How do they work?
Can you see into my soul?


be a Glasshole when this happens.
Don’t be creepy, snappy or rude.  Don’t
ruin it for others.  Remember,
new technology, new questions.

©Sue Norton