Tuesday, 21 January 2014

What's One Rhino?

He's old and gray, cantankerous,
and of little use to the ladies.
His head'll prove way more valuable
harvested than left to nature's ways.
What a waste, and so painful, just to be eaten
slowly to death by jackals, lions and vultures!
The hunter'll do everyone a favor,
rhino included. Then
the 1499 remaining Namibian rhinos
will have better sex (Really! It's scientific!) resulting in
more rhinos. Hell, let's kill 30 old bulls each year.
Or 300, making Namibia flush,
the rhino population skyrocket,
and the ranks of godly mercy hunters soar.
A rhino? It's a walking gold mine.
And a dead one is so much more 
than a head, severed by a saw,
crucified upon a wall.

Hunter bid $350,000 (£212,000) for a permit auctioned by the Dallas Safari Club

©Darrell Petska 

Darrell Petska is a former university editor. His poetry appears in a variety of print and online publications.