Monday, 13 January 2014

The Secretary says

The Secretary says that history
is easy.
The good guys won,
and it was just guys,
no woman did anything much.
The baddies were driven off
and it was all
just marvellous
just and glorious.
The Secretary says that historians
are all lefties
and probably spies
who have been telling lies
about the war to end all wars.
Although even he
could see
that it hardly did that.
Then the Secretary says
he won't take it back
he stands with what he said.
He looks for credibility
and for his good name.
But he did for them both
By his plan of attack.

The last two lines are from The General by Siegfried Sassoon
Gove Blasts "Left-wing myths about WW1"

©Hamish Mack