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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

the second half of a pair of shoes wishes me good day

the second half of a pair of shoes
wishes me a good day

sat there in his cardboard box with his big broad smile
tapping together his feet - a plimsoll on his left foot
oddly a wellington on the right

he interlocks his contented fingers behind his head 
(does this guy not realise the cost of petrol or how much 
we must now to pay for a spare bedroom)
out of touch 
this posh boy we call a prime minister actually does feel
we are all enjoying the fruits of a recovery together?

©Philip Johnson


Previously appeared in: Poetry 24, The Ugly Tree; Poetry Scotland, Emergency Verse, Write Away, Caught In The Net, Red Pencil, Writer's Hood, Transparent Words; Emergency Verse and The Robin Hood Book. 


  1. Like it - and like the title most!

  2. Thank you. I almost changed it!!