Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sunday Review

First, Hamish and I would like to make our heartfelt apologies for the gremlins that have plagued 'Poetry24' of late.  Although we have changed none of the settings, we have found that sometimes things aren't quite working as they should and, moreover, there have been times when I have been unable to get into the site at all.  Please bear with us. We are doing our best to sort matters out but it may take us a while.

The fun started this week with Philip Johnson's 'same old same old' which makes a telling comment on a recent story about the 'boom industry' which has sprung up as a result of people's desire to see Detroit's splendid but crumbling buildings. It seems that we are all slow on the uptake when it comes to the concept of 'worth' rather than 'cost'. As the poem points out, it is 'two thousand years since the money lenders/ were turned out of the temple'.

On Tuesday, we went to Douglas Polk for his poem 'Egyptian Democracy' which was prompted by Egypt's military-backed government's declaration that the Muslim brotherhood is a terrorist organisation. This poem was followed on Wednesday by another by Philip Johnson whose 'the religion of humbug' was written in response to a story in 'The Telepgraph' reporting that supermarkets have been subject to criticism for stocking their shelves with Easter eggs only days after the Christmas festivities had ended. 

On Thursday, there being no other submissions, it was down to me to write something. 'Imagine' was written with a sense of great sadness and in response to reports of an eight-year old girl captured while trying  to detonate a suicide vest. I remembered my own daughter when she reached the age of eight and tried to imagine her being strapped into a suicide vest and sent off to die. How must that child's mother feel know?

On Friday, we finished the working week with James Schwartz's 'Polar Vortex Pioneers'. Thank you, James for your very topical contribution to 'Poetry24'. We hope to see more from you in the future.  In fact, we hope to see more submissions from all our regular and from some new contributors. The fact is, I'm afraid, at the time of writing we have very little in out Submissions folder.  Come on, chaps, the holiday is over. Have a safe and productive week.
Abigail Wyatt