Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sunday Review

It's been a dismal week this week, I'm afraid, with poems very thin on the ground. That being the case, we are all the more grateful to those regular contributors who did send in their work. We also send our thanks - and, of course, the gratitude of the bears - to those who responded so promptly and so ably to our call for submissions. We are pleased to  say that we now have enough material to see us over the next few days. Please, though, do not stop submitting. We remain eager to receive your work.

On Monday, our poem came from Doug Polk who sent us 'Flames', his response to the current crisis in the Central African Republic.  The poem makes the stark point that 'people dying on a daily basis' is 'not anything new' but part of 'the reality' of Africa.  Moreover, we are told that, as the violence reaches'unprecedented levels', the total number of displaced people is edging towards one million. As individuals, it is hard, I think,  not to feel helpless and ashamed in the face of such a situation. Certainly, that is my own uncomfortable position. What is there, if anything, that I can do?

On Tuesday, our thanks went to Darrell Petska for 'What's one Rhino?'. This poem is a response to a story about a hunter, Corey Knowlton, who has received a number of death threats since winning an auction to hunt and kill an endangered black rhino.  It isn't that long since my own 'Goodbye, Western Black Rhino' appeared here at 'Poetry24' so regular readers will be in no doubt as to where my allegiance is on this one. Thank you, Darrell, for drawing the story to our attention.

Finally, on Thursday, E.R. Olsen helped us out with his 'Monarch' which alerts us to the fact that we may be on the brink of losing the beautiful monarch butterfly. Like the loss of the black rhino, this would be a tragedy. Want to think about it? Here's a picture to help. Have a good week. Abigail Wyatt